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Senate rejects 'Guns in Schools" bill

ND Legislature

Credit ND Legislature
Sen. Larry Robinson (D-Valley City).

The state Senate has defeated a bill that would have allowed school employees to carry a gun – if they work in schools 30 miles or more from law enforcement.

The bill would have set up a pilot program. The school’s administration and school board would have approval power, and the employee would have to undergo firearms training.

"The bill doesn't mandate anything," said Sen. Diane Larson (R-Bismarck). "It only allows a limited number of schools to choose ton participate in this two year pilot."

"Having school districts where there are armed resource officers, or where city police are only a couple of minutes away, we wouldn't have guns in those schools," said Sen. Jordan Kannianen (R-Stanley). "Again, this is for those handful of schools that are far away from any law enforcement."

Opponents said the schools -- and the parents -- don't want this bill.

"Like you, I've received countless e-mails," said Sen. Larry Robinson (D-Valley City). "They go like -- what are you thinking? Not in my school. You've got to be kidding. Don't vote for this bill."

"All of the data doesn't support this notion that if you just put a gun in a building, the inhabitants of that building are somehow safer," said Sen. David Hogue (R-Minot).

18 Senators voted “yes” on the bill – 27 voted “no.”

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