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Stenehjem urging North Dakotans to check with Equifax after nationwide computer hack

ND Attorney General's office

In the wake of the recent disclosure by Equifax that personal information from the credit monitoring company may have been stolen by hackers, North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said North Dakotans should take steps to protect themselves against identity theft.

Equifax says more than 143 million Americans may be at risk – and that includes 248,000 North Dakotans.

Stenehjem said people should take steps now to determine if their information was hacked.

"The best way is to go to our Website," Stenehjem said. "There's all kinds of information on how to deal with it."

Stenhjem said you can also call the company's dedicated call center -- at 866-447-7559.

Stenehjem said the company is offering free credit monitoring for a year. But he said that might not be enough.

"It is better to get a freeze on your credit account," Stenehjem said. "You can do that by following the information on our Website, so that if anyone does try to open an account or take out a loan in your name, they won't be able to do that unless they can enter a password that only you would know."

You can check out the Attorney General’s Website at https://attorneygeneral.nd/gov/.