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Overson to seek Dem-NPL endorsement for Tax Commissioner

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

A former Grand Forks Democratic lawmaker is now a candidate for state Tax Commissioner.

Kylie Overson is the current chair of the Democratic NPL Party. If she gets the nomination, she would be running against GOP incumbent Ryan Rauschenberger.

Overson told reporters the Legislature has mis-managed state spending, turning a strong surplus into a deficit, and blaming local governments for what she called a broken promise to local property taxpayers.

"While these decisions were ultimately made by the Legislature and the Governor, I firmly believe our Tax Commissioner plays a role in advocating for fair and responsible tax policy, that will allow the state to create and maintain long-lasting financial security," Overson said.

Overson said Rauschenberger sat on the sidelines as tax policy was being crafted.

"The Tax Commissioner is to lead a team of great public employees, collaborate with leaders on all levels of government and on both sides of the aisle," Overson said. "They should be advocates of fair and responsible tax policy. And effectively carrying out those duties will lead the state back to prosperity."

As to her future as the Democratic NPL party chair, Overson said she’ll make that decision after the state convention.