17 positive COVID-19 cases confirmed today | Prairie Public Broadcasting

17 positive COVID-19 cases confirmed today

Mar 31, 2020

Governor Doug Burgum says today's positive test count for COVID-19 is the second highest since the disease came to North Dakota. 17 cases have been confirmed today, bringing the statewide total to 126.

Burgum says 384 more tests were performed today over yesterday. He says per capita, North Dakota remains in the top ten of states performing the most tests. 

He says while today's numbers might be alarming, the data is fluid and reflects positive people who were tested about ten days or so ago. And it terms of cases, he says North Dakota is still on an upward trajectory.

"It also reflects that we're not catching everybody who has the coronavirus, because some people do experience milder symptoms, and when you experience milder symptoms you might be doing okay but you can still be contagious and give it to other people. This may represent only 1 in 10 people who may have it, so we should be thinking about the fact that there could be over 1,200 people in the state of North Dakota who had it ten days ago, and that that number is climbing."

A total of 4,257 tests have been performed. There have been 21 hospitalizations, 30 recoveries, and three deaths.