Alexandre Cyusa ~ Icelandic PM Katrin Jakobsdottir ~ Tomato Festival

Alexandre Cyusa

Monday, August 5 – Alexandre Cyusa calls himself a third-culture kid. He grew up moving around a lot because of his mother’s work with the United Nations. He’s studied in Rwanda, Switzerland, Guinea-Conakry, Ethiopia, and the United States. He has lots of tips for being a global citizen, even when you’re not traveling. He’s the lead writer for a column called Think Global, Act Local. He has recorded some of those essays, and we’ll share one today. ~~~ The Deuce of August Festival in Mountain, North Dakota took place on Saturday.  It featured a very distinguished visitor, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, the Prime Minister of Iceland. She visits with Ashley Thornberg. ~~~ Another big event is coming up -- The Great Tomato Festival in Minot, which is celebrating its 30th year. Here to tell us more is founder and CEO, Peggy Miller.