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Allete celebrates the soon-to-be operational Glen Ullin Energy Center

Sep 17, 2019

Allete President Al Ruedick at the community celebration for the Glen Ullin Energy Center.
Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

A Duluth-based energy company threw a party today (Tuesday) in Glen Ullin, to celebrate the impending opening of a new wind farm in Morton and Mercer counties.

The Glen Ullin Wind Center is to go on-line in October.

“It’s 106 megawatts," said Allete vice president for business development. "In addition to the 500 megawatts the company built at the Bison Wind Farm, that means nearly $1 billion of investment in the area.”                           

In addition to wind, Allete has interest in North Dakota lignite, through its BNI Coal subsidiary. It also is involved in carbon capture efforts in North Dakota.

State Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner (R-Dickinson) told the crowd this is an example of the state’s policy of “All of the Above” when it comes to energy development.

"We are starting to work together, for the benefit of the state of North Dakota," Wardner said.

Allete Chairman and CEO Al Hodnick said this kind of energy development would not be possible without good landowner relations.

“Landowners are the currency value of renewables," Hodnick said. "Without quality landowner relations,we don’t have renewable. We don’t have coal mining. We don’t have solar.”

And company president Al Ruedick said Allete isn’t done yet.

“We see the opportunity for more wind," Ruedick said. "We look at the partnerships we’ve developed here in the counties. And whether it’s to the north, the west or the South, we see the opportunity for additional projects in the future.”

Xcel Energy is buying the power the Glen Ullin Energy Center will produce.