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Bismarck prepares for Lewis & Clark celebration

Bismarck, ND – Bismarck is planning to invest three-quarters of a million dollars on improvements in anticipation of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial.

Bismarck Parks Director Steve Neu chairs a Lewis and Clark coordinating committee. He says the efforts to spruce things up will focus on the Missouri River.

"The pre-Lewis and Clark, during Lewis and Clark and after Lewis and Clark are kind of a whole interpretive history. And really developing the Missouri River as a focal point in the community, and utilizing the Lewis and Clark as that vault, if you will, for this type of project, if we can leave something after Lewis and Clark is gone. Plus, we have a number of other projects the committee has talked about that will be part of the celebration of Lewis and Clark."

Neu says there's a Missouri River greenway project on-going, which includes bike and hiking trails, as well as boat ramps and public facilities. He says that is designed to help visitors and residents enjoy the river.