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Burgum: Diversion a 'no brainer'

Jan 11, 2019

Gov. Doug Burgum testifies before the North Dakota Senate Appropriations Committee re: the F-M Diversion project.
Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

"This should be a 'no-brainer.'"

That's what Gov. Doug Burgum told reporters after he testified before the state Senate Appropriation Committee on the F-M Diversion project's request for another $300 million over three bienniums.

Originally, $66 million was in the state Water Commission's budget for the Diversion. But a task force came up with a more expensive "Plan B" -- and that plan was endorsed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Burgum told the Committee the state’s share of this flood control project is much less than what the state picked up in some other flood control projects.

"Prior to plan B, the state share was 20 percent," Burgum told the committee. "With the additional $300 million being requested, that would move it up to 32 percent. That's less than half what many of the other projects received.

"From the state perspective, this project is a bargain," Burgum said.

Burgum told reporters this is a very good investment, from a state perspective.

The Committee plans another hearing on the diversion project. This hearing was part of an overview of various water projects across the state.