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CAWS opposes at-home forensic evidence collection kits

Sep 6, 2019

A company has started marketing what it calls the first “at home” forensic evidence collection kits, more commonly called “rape kits.”

It’s being marketed as the “MeToo Kit.”

But the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence opposes this. In a statement, the organization said it is “outraged” by the attempt to monetize the Me Too movement.

Janelle Moos is the executive director of North Dakota’s Council on Abused Women’s Services. She said a forensic exam following a rape requires a specially trained medical professional.

"We know the trauma that many sexual assault victims experience," Moos said. "That's why we put resources and training behind nurses and advocates that can be there, and walk them through the process."

Moos said a major concern is confidentiality.

"And if a victim is choosing to receive these kits at home, they're not receiving crisis care," Moos said. "We have worked hard to make sure sexual assault victims have the care they need, if they choose to come forward.

"This is really a step backward," Moos said.

The National organization says the “MeToo Kit” is especially being marketed on college campuses.