Chancellor's contract renewed for two years

Jun 28, 2018

Board of Higher Education meeting 6/28/18.
Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The state Board of Higher Education has extended Chancellor Mark Hagrott’s contract.

The vote was 7 to 1. The lone “no” vote came from board member Mike Ness, who will be leaving the Board next month. Ness had suggested the Board postpone a decision for 6 months, due to the pending labor complaint by former vice-Chancellor Lisa Feldner, who Hagerott fired.

Ness also referred to a 2016 survey of employees in the University System office, that showed some criticism of Hagerott.

"There are some things in there I felt the Board should have dealt with, through an improvement plan or somethiong like it," Ness said. "But we did not."

Board member Kathy Neset said the current evaluation of Hagerott is the one that matters – and she said that one is very positive.

"I will say,of all the people I have worked with, I fund Chancellor Hagerott to be one of the most coachable and responsive people towards constructive criticism," Neset said. "We did take a year to go through a lot of changes with the Board and the Chancellor. I think progress ws made, and it's diplayed in the recent evaluation."

Hagerott’s contract was extended through July first, 2020.