"The Children of Lincoln" ~ Student Podcast Challenge ~ StoryCorps Excerpt

William Green
Credit Augsburg.edu

Tuesday, December 4 — “The Children of Lincoln” is a new book from Professor William Green of Augsburg University. It’s subtitled “White Paternalism and the Limits of Black Opportunity in Minnesota 1860-1876.”  Dr. Green joins us to discuss this interesting slice of the reconstruction era. ~~~ NPR is inviting students around the country to create a podcast, then — with the help of a teacher — compete for a chance to have their work appear on NPR.  Here to tell us about the NPR Student Podcast Challenge is Clare Lombardo with NPR's education team, and Tim Wollenzien, Prairie Public’s Education Services manager. ~~~ From this summer’s StoryCorps mobile booth visit to Bismarck, we share an excerpt of the conversation between Tina Dietz and Patrick Conteh.