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Ducks Unlimited proposing a new city park for Bismarck

Aug 14, 2019

Credit Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited is working on a proposed new city park for Bismarck.

The park would be next to the DU property in western Bismarck.

It will be on 120 acres, on Burnt Boat Road.

"There is a beautiful valley, just north of Burnt Boat Road, that we have all driven by about a million times," said DU Director of Public Policy for the Great Plains Region, Carmen Miller. "We have the opportunity to set that aside."

Miller said the owners, the Clairmont Family, are offering a piece of their property. for the park. She said it will have trails, restored prairie grasslands, trees and a wetland. Miller said it's actually being used by people already.

"People have said, 'Oh, sure -- I ride my bike there, I take my dog there, I go hiking through that area,'" Miller said. "It is a really unique opportunity to set aside some of the property for a city park."

Miller said DU will be raising money for the property.

DU is also holding a public event Monday afternoon to show off the future park.

Credit Ducks Unlimited