Endurance ND Racing ~ Farm Bill and Hemp ~ ND Music Festivals

Wednesday, July 11th – The annual END-WET swimming race on the Red River recently took place, and for the first time on the 36-mile course there was a 100% finish rate. Eighteen solos and one team had entered the water at Belmont Park, and the same number made it to downtown Grand Forks. Up next for this extreme racing group is the Wilderman, and in the fall there’s the Halloween Double Feature. Joining us to discuss extreme racing is End Racing’s Joel Larson. ~~~ A report from Harvest Public Media’s Ester Honig on the prospect of hemp being legalized by the farm bill. The legislation is poised for consideration by a house and senate conference committee. ~~~ Bluegrass is going pink again this summer. Here with a preview of this year’s charity festival at Cross Ranch State Park is Jill Weise of the Cotton Wood band. ~~~ The Prairie Pothole music festival is coming to Anamoose, North Dakota. It’s billed as music, camping, and nature to refill your soul. Organizer John Wardner gives us a preview.