Fair Housing ~ Bull Elk ~ High-Speed Internet ~ Minnesota's Unsung History

Credit http://www.highplainsfhc.org/

Wednesday, January 30 – Kelly Gorz of the High Plains Fair Housing Center in Grand Forks visits with John Harris in this excerpt of Friday's Prairie Pulse television show. The center's mission is to help ensure equal access to fair housing through training, education, enforcement, and advocacy. ~~~ From this week’s Natural North Dakota essay, biologist Chuck Lura Discusses bull elk. ~~~~ A new study from the U.S. Census Bureau shows rural counties have significantly less access to high-speed internet. The disparity is even greater in rural areas with high rates of poverty. This creates a major problem for economic development efforts. Harvest Public Media’s Jonathan Ahl reports the solutions will have to come from several directions.~~~ Prairie Public has collaborated with Minnesota singer songwriter, Elisa Korenne, on a compilation of music videos called Minnesota's Unsung History. It airs on February 4th. Elisa Korenne and production manager Barb Gravel give us a preview.