Family HealthCare ~ Square One Kitchens ~ Hazelnuts ~ Represent Us

Apr 11, 2018

Wednesday, April 11 – Patrick Gulbranson, chief executive officer for Family HealthCare, joins us to discuss how the United States compares to other developed countries in terms of providing access to healthcare. It’s a preview of his presentation in Valley City on April 12, which is part of a series sponsored by VCSU's Departments of Science and Social Science called “What in the World is Going On?” ~~~ “First Fridays at B” is an event that’s all about food. And this month, the theme was the business of food. One of the presenters this month was Casey Steele, co-owner of Square One Kitchens in Fargo. She shares how an incubator kitchen can help a community with business development. ~~~ In this week’s Natural North Dakota, Chuck Lura discusses hazelnuts.  ~~~ North Dakota chapters of Represent Us will be working to get an anti-corruption amendment added to the state constitution. Joining us is Dennis Cooley and Phil Davenport, members of the newest state chapter, “Represent Fargo.”