Gas stations will change names

Bismarck, ND – Starting next week, a dozen Amoco service stations across North Dakota will begin operating under a new logo.

They will be sporting the new logo of Tesoro Petroleum, the company that purchased the Mandan refinery, pipeline and other assets. Refinery spokesman Leif Peterson says part of the purchase of the Mandan refinery was twelve North Dakota service stations. Six of those are in Bismarck-Mandan, five are in Fargo and the other one is in Dickinson.

"Beginning in October, starting the first week in October and continuing through the month, those twelve stations will be rebranded from Amoco to Tesoro."

Peterson says the credit cards will change, too.

"Amoco credit cards will work for sixty days after a station has changed to Tesoro. During that time, if customers use an Amoco card or any other type of credit card, they will automatically qualify for a Tesoro credit card."

Tesoro eventually hopes to convince other Amoco stations to make the name change too.