Governor's Car Wrecked

Bismarck, ND – If you drive in the North Dakota Capitol's north lot, you may see a strange car in the Governor's assigned parking spot.

Gone is the black Buick with the "1" license plate. Instead, you'll see a state fleet car -- marked by the "SF" on the license plate.

So, Governor Hoeven, what's the deal?

"One of the folks had taken my car - I guess taken it in for servicing. And somebody ran into him -- and so it got a pretty good dent in the side. So now he's trying to get it on for body work to get it repaired. But, you know, it's very tough because there's such a backlog with all the hail damage. So I'm driving one of the state fleet cars."

Hoeven says he doesn't know when he'll get his car back...