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Health Dept. wants to expand reportable conditions

May 15, 2019

The state Health Department is proposing adding to the list of reportable medical conditions. Department Division of Disease Control director Kirby Krueger said the proposal is to expand the list to include a few items that are not infectious in nature.

"Things like fetal alcohol syndrome, overdoses, violent deaths that are an important public health status for us," Krueger said. "The impacts to the public are large for these types of things."

Kruger said the Department wants to make sure it's getting the best data to make good decisions on dealing with these conditions.

"The better our data is, the better our decisions," Krueger said. "We want to know how best to reduce the impact on the individuals that are being affected by these events."

The proposal was taken to the state Health Council. Krueger said eventually, it will come to the Legislature’s Administrative Rules Committee.