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ITD working on single entry log in for state websites

Sep 16, 2019

North Dakota’s Information Technology Department is working on a “single entry” concept to log on to state websites.

"Most citizens would tell you, 'It's great that I can get things on line, but state government as a whole doesn't treat me as a single entity, and I'm having to re-key information numerous times,'" said ITD chief operating officer Dan Sipes. "'If I change my mailing address at the Department of Motor Vehicles, it should propagate to other systems in state government -- but that doesn't happen.'"

Sipes said the plan is to give individuals a single log-on to access state government agencies.

"At the same time, we need to understand that all of the data that we get in state government, we are stewards of," Sipes said. "The citizen is the ultimate owner of that data."

Sipes said that means development of safeguards, and a strong data governance procedure. He said it will be up to the individual to authorize the sharing of that information.

"As government, are we making it easy for citizens to do business with us at any time or any place, and reducing the red tape they have to hop through?" Sipes said.