June 6, 2021: The Great American Folk Show | Prairie Public Broadcasting

June 6, 2021: The Great American Folk Show

Jun 4, 2021

Sunday, June 6, at 5pm CT:

The Great American Folk Show returns this weekend with a new episode!

In Episode 14, host Tom Brosseau is joined by Curt Wollan, director of the Medora Musical; South Dakota sculptor John Lopez; Irish singer Lisa Lambe; Cowboy poet Sean Sexton; Pedal steel player Drew Taubenfeld; and singer Emily Walter. 

The show is written, recorded, and hosted by folksinger and songwriter Tom Brosseau, announced by Joe Wiegand, and produced by Prairie Public Broadcasting.

Original instrumentation by Burkum Boys. Additional music by Sean Watkins. Special flyer design by DLT.

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