Large wind farm project planned for Barnes County | Prairie Public Broadcasting

Large wind farm project planned for Barnes County

Jul 21, 2016

A big new wind farm is proposed for Barnes County.

It would be 300 megawatts, and it would be called the “Glacier Ridge Wind Farm.” It would be on 34,450 acres about five miles northeast of Valley City. And it would consist of up to 87 turbines.

The North Dakota Public Service Commission has just received the application.

"Thkis 300 megawatt wind farm is the largest individual wind farm that's ever been filed with the Commission," said Commissioner Brian Kalk. "We have in excess of 300 megawatts around the state, but we've never had an individual wind farm of this size filed."

The company wants to start construction by November. Kalk said the PSC will call for a public hearing on the proposal, once it’s deemed the filing is complete.

Barnes County is already home to three wind farms – Ashtabula One, Two, and Three.