Legislature considers a 'bonding bill'

Feb 11, 2019

It hasn’t been done for a number of years.

But the North Dakota Legislature could be on its way to approving a ”bonding bill” for five bricks and mortar projects.

The Senate unanimously passed the $152 million bill – and it now will be considered by the House.

The building projects include Dunbar Hall at NDSU; a communications and fine arts building at Valley City State University; the Pulver Hall project at Dickinson State University; a new agriculture products development center at NDSU; and a Northern Crops Institute project.

Senate Appropriations Committee chairman Ray Holmberg (R-Grand Forks) said the major buildings on that list will be built – one way or another.

"Foss Hall at VCSU is on the wrong side of the dike," Holmberg said. "At some point, that building is going to flood."

Holmberg said Dunbar Hall is not in good shape.

"Both of them will be built at some time," Holmberg said. "It's just -- will we do it this way, or do we wait 2-4 years, and the costs go up a great deal more."

During the height of the oil boom, the Legislature paid cash for building projects. But supporters of this bonding proposal say the environment is favorable for a bond issue.