Legislature will study how to use Legacy Fund earnings | Prairie Public Broadcasting

Legislature will study how to use Legacy Fund earnings

Apr 15, 2019

It appears there will be an interim study on uses for the earnings from the state’s Legacy Fund.

Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner (R-Dickinson) had been working on creating a series of “buckets,” or “silos,” to determine how that money would be spent. But he said he would like to have a special committee  appointed to study this issue.

Wardner said that committee would include the floor leaders and some of the “key players” in budgeting.

"This Legacy money needs to be used appropriately," Wardner said. "We want to invest in the state, and make sure it's being used for certain things."

Wardner suggested investments in roads, education and things of that nature.

"Everybody's concerned about expansion of government," Wardner said. "We're not looking to expand government."

Wardner said it’s important to have a plan for that money.

"If we do not have a plan, it'll be like piranha after a helpless animal in the Amazon river," Wardner said. "It'll be everybody in there, trying to take whatever they can."