Lincoln residents asked to boil drinking water after E. coli is found in one home

Jun 21, 2018

Lincoln mayor Gerald Wise briefs reporters on the E. coli discovery and the 'boil' order 6-20-18.
Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The city of Lincoln is under a “boil water order” from the state Health Department.

That’s because samples of E. coli were found in one of the city’s nearly 1,300 homes.

The boil order means residents have to boil it before they can drink it. But other uses – such as showers and hand-washings – are still okay.

The first sample was found earlier this month – and a second sample from the same house taken this week was also positive.

"There's approximately 1,260 homes in the city of Lincoln," Lincoln mayor Gerald Wise told reporters. "And to have just one home test positive -- it's an isolated situation."

But Wise said it is a situation where the city has to investigate and take action.

"Is there any possible way it can spread?" Wise said. "Right now, we have contained the situation to the one home. And once we find out more information, we will let everyone know."

The source for the E. coli has not been identified.

Volunteers have been handing out bottled water to residents, and will continue to do so.