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Mayflower Compact Anniversary ~ Sue Balcom on Bread

Nov 21, 2019

Julia Ernst

Thursday, November 21, 2019 – On this date 399 years ago, the Mayflower Compact was signed aboard the Mayflower. It was the first governing document of the Plymouth Colony, written by the Puritans fleeing religious persecution by King James of England. Here to discuss that historic document and its relationship to the US Constitution is Julia Ernst, associate professor of law at UND. She was inspired to research this topic by her mother, Janet, who has flew in from Michigan earlier this year when we recorded this conversation, which first aired in February. ~~~ Chuck Lura shares a Natural North Dakota essay on the state’s natural attractions. ~~~ Sue Balcom is here for a Main Street Eats conversation about bread. ~~~ Doug and Ashley have our What’s Happening calendar of events.