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MDU to replace streetlights with LEDs

Sep 11, 2018

MDU is preparing to make a switch in streetlights.

Over the next year or so, MDU is planning to replace the halogen lights with LED lights.

"They're more efficient and cost effective," said MDU spokesman Mark Hanson.

Hanson did say it is an expensive switch.

"That means the rent amount to each city will go up dramatically," Hanson said. "But the energy savings will reduce that cost dramtically."

Hanson said the net result will be a savings on the bill will be about 15 percent. And he said the LEDs are not only more efficient, they provide better lighting than the old halogen lights.

"A lot of the old lights were shining upward, and it was more a yellow kind of light," Hanson said. "The LEDs give a broader light base coming downward, and it's amuch brighter light, producing a better product."

MDU serves about 100 North Dakota cities. Hanson said in Montana, 25 cities use MDU-supplied streetlights, and the project there is finished.