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MN Gov Walz: LGA is in community's best interest

Jul 24, 2019

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz held a media call with reporters to give an update on how legislative increases for LGA (local government aid) and CPA (county program aid) will be impacting communities soon.

Walz says this week, many legislative funding actions are taking effect. Checks went out this week for LGA so Minnesota can provide services residents have come to expect. Walz says he is proud of what the legislature accomplished this session, but the level of LGA funding fell short of his expectations. He says LGA was pushed back up to 2002 levels, but more will be required for future needs.

"Real world impact, for example, in Grand Rapids they saw about 11.4 percent increase, which is about $165,000. That may be adding a police officer, a street project, a park, local leaders know how to do that best and I think local government aid tied back to the community along with county program aid gives us better bang for the buck."

Walz says this increase, coupled with increased housing and childcare opportunities, helps create the workforce needed in Minnesota. He says the state is now starting to see the fruits of what happens when the legislature comes together to make sure all corners of the state are represented.

Walz says one thing he supported during the session was tying LGA to inflation so it automatically matches the cost of living and needs of each community. He says he hopes that conversation can be explored again in the future.