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Natalie Pierce, "A Note to Send Some Cheer"

Sep 3, 2020

Natalie Pierce
maintains a day-job as an urban planner and writes whenever she can.
She lives in rural Morton County with her husband and two sons. She is
a member of the Bis-Man Writer's Guild and is currently working on a
piece for The Art of Writing traveling exhibit.

Natalie was the first person to submit a poem for "Poems for the Moment", and it is amazing how the poem still works so well.  At some point this moment will become old news, but not yet.

Just a Note to Send Some Cheer

Just a note to send some cheer
From far away to you right here.
Although the days may look the same
Each set inside a home-bound frame,
Move quieter and you’ll awake
The clearer tones each difference takes.
Inside the stillness you will find
Our hearts all climb on the same vine.
And while we breathe and while we see
Though distant in our geography
The misty ends of all we hope
Still harmonize in one sole note.
Whatever troubles you’ve been weaving
Drop them, drop them without grieving.
You will come again to face the gale
To know your mettle and to prevail.
Until then let ambitions rest,
The bar mate’s laugh, the weekend guest.
The clouds will pass, the weather change
And what was calm will rearrange.
So hold fast still to your small shoot
Sip wisdom flowing from the root.
The buds will shiver off the dew
And open to the sun anew.

© Natalie Pierce, 2020