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ND Racing Commission looking at televised races

Apr 7, 2020

The executive director of the North Dakota Racing Commission is looking at televising the horse races from both Chippewa Downs in Belcourt, and the North Dakota Horse Park in Fargo.

Jack Schulz said he’s talking to cable television operators about the idea. He said it would be a way to generate more interest in the live races.

Schulz said a Nebraska track has started doing this.

"They have had real good success with viewership, and on-line betting," Schulz told the Commission.

The chairman of the Commission – Dave Piepkorn of Fargo – likes the idea.

"I think the whole 'having it on video' is going to be a great thing," Piepkorn said. "I think we should talk with different media companies to find out what that would cost. If it's done well, it will be a great thing."

The commission told Schulz to continue working on the idea.