ND Salavation Army Waits To Help Out

Fargo, ND – Salvation Army Corps Community Centers around North Dakota are on stand-by -- ready and waiting to hear from those at Salavation Army officials in Washington D-C and New York City.

Major Joe Tamayo--Pastor and member of the Salvation Army in Fargo--says no one is sure when and if they will be called.

"We're on stand by and we're not sure when people will be called or if we will be called. But we're being prepared and ready should that call come."

Major Tamayo says the Salvation Army's prayers go out to the victims and their families of the New York and Washington disasters.

"We pledge our support and continue to be there. We have teams working around the clock, right there at Washington, and World Trade Center and at the Brooklyn Bridge feeding people, helping with emergency needs, offering assistance, whatever else, shelter might be needed as well as in areas of Pittsburgh to Virginia and the surrounding area."

Those who want to help--by volunteering or by donating money--can do so by calling the Salvation Army at 1-800-556-2769.