NDSU to expand Sudro Hall

Mar 22, 2018

Sudro Hall, NDSU
Credit North Dakota State University

NDSU is proposing an expansion of Sudro Hall.

And it wants to raise private money to do that.

Sudro Hall was built in 1959, and it currently houses the nursing program and other health care educational programs. It has been added to twice – in 1960 and 2002.

NDSU wants to raise $28 million to add more space.

"It's about 74,000 square feet," NDSU Director of Facilities Management Michael Ellingson told the Board of Higher Education’s Budget and Finance Committee. "That's to take the nursing program, and increase the number of nurses we put out."

NDSU says it has already raised $22 million for the project.

The Committee supported the proposal. It will now go to the full Board of Higher Education.