New natural gas pipeline supported

Jun 17, 2013

The director of North Dakota’s Pipeline Authority says he’s excited about MDU’s plans for a new pipeline to bring Bakken natural gas to eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota.

The pipeline would run from near Williston to the Viking pipeline north of Moorhead.

"Traditionally, gas that's produced and not consumed locally bis put on one of two major pipeline systems and sold into the midcontinent of the US," said Pipeline Authority director Justin Kringstad. "This would be a new market opportunity with some potential pricing advantages for companies to move the gas to Eastern North Dakota and Western Minnesota, as well as providing those areas with a new supply of gas."

The pipeline would be a 24 inch pipeline – which would move between 400-thousand and 500 thousand cubic feet of natural gas per day. The cost will be between $650 and $700 million.