North Dakota is 3rd best state to raise a family

Jan 7, 2019

North Dakota is currently ranked 3rd among the best states to raise a family.

According to a survey done by WalletHub, a personal finance website, North Dakota ranks higher than any state when it comes to education and child care, and socio-economics. Analyst Jill Gonzales says North Dakota has some of the most affordable housing in the country, as well as one of the lowest divorce rates - which are important factors for families. North Dakota did not do so well in one area of the study - it ranked 35th in the "family fun" category. Gonzales says that might not seem like a big deal - but for a growing family, it can be.

"For the share of families with young children - which isn't as many as other states, North Dakota does skew a little bit older - so if you are concerned about your kids having people to play with, other kids in the neighborhood, that might be a little of a concern. We're also looking at the number of attractions, fitness and recreational sports centers per capita, and the share of young children who live in neighborhoods with a park or a playground. That park or playground access in North Dakota could be a little higher as well."

Gonzales says North Dakota also ranked within the top ten for health and safety, and overall affordability. She also says the state has one of the lowest percentages of families living in poverty, which positively impacted its standings.