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OMB director: Strategy review meetings successful

Aug 6, 2018

The director of the state’s Office of Management and Budget said OMB has finished a series of “strategy review” meetings with executive branch agencies.

Joe Morrissette said it was no small feat, as agencies met with OMB as they were working on their budget proposals for inclusion in the Gov. Doug Burgum’s executive budget for the 2019 session.

Morrissette called the meetings were very positive, and agencies came with a lot of good ideas.

"None of them are final at this point," Morrissette said. "They will take some work, as we move through the budget. It's commendable that agencies really gave it some thought and came with good ideas."

Morrissette said he was happy to have these meetings up-front, before agencies got too far in their budget preparations.

"As budgets normally come in during July and August, it's a compressed time frame," Morrissette said. "This allows some additional time on the front end, from an idea being put forward. It allows the ideas to be flushed out. I think we'll have some good policy proposals to bring to the upcoming session."

Morrissette said he hopes to have these kinds of meetings again in two years.

Gov. Burgum gives his executive budget recommendations to the Legislature during its organizational session this December.