Photos By Elmer Thompson ~ Trade War Story ~ Pinball Champ Tim Fiechtner

Feb 5, 2019

Photo by Elmer Thompson

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 – A treasure trove of historical North Dakota photos will be the basis of a new exhibit at the North Dakota Museum of Art. It’s called “The Inventor: Photos by Elmer O. Thompson and Reflection on his Life, 1890-1983.” This collection of glass plate negatives only came to light a few years ago. Joining us to discuss the collection is Ken Smith, a Ph.D candidate in history at NDS U and president of the Ellendale Historical Society. ~~~ Art history is also part of today’s Plains Folk essay from NDSU professor Tom Isern: “The Duck Stamp Guy.” ~~~ The U.S. and China trade war has been bad for some in manufacturing and agriculture. In part 1 in a three part series on tariffs, Harvest Public Media’s Madelyn Beck explains why farmers are mostly collateral damage in a struggle over power and technology. ~~~ Tim Fiechtner is the 2019 North Dakota pinball champion after his first-place finish in a tournament January 19th. In March he’ll represent the state at International Flipper Pinball Association’s National Pinball Championship in Las Vegas. He joins us to discuss his passion for pinball and why this old-school technology still attracts fans in this era of modern computer gaming.