Plane Diverted to Bismarck

Bismarck, ND – A plane from Boise, Idaho to Minneapolis was diverted to the Bismarck Airport -- after the FAA ordered planes to land at the nearest airport.

Ernie Hoover from Greenwich, Connecticut was on the flight.

"We did kind of bank to the left and kind of circled around and started to descend and one of the flight attendants walked through the cabin and said that the captain would be making an announcement. He made an announcement that all aircraft nationally were being required to land at the nearest airport."

Hoover says he picked up the air phone -- called his girlfriend -- and found out about the crashes at the World Trade Center.

Garth Hopson from Boise says the whole thing was surreal. And he says he never experienced anything like this in his 25 years in the air force,

"Military-wise I've done, I've been in Vietman and other incidents and everything, but nothing like this. This is something new to me for sure.

(Dave Thompson: I hate to ask this because everybody is shell-shocked right now, are you scared right now?)

"Oh you bet ya but also I retired ten years ago from the Air Force?right now it just makes me want to put on my uniform and go back and see what we can do about this but that is up to the higher ups."

Passengers were trying to find other ways to get to their destinations. No rental cars were available -- and several people talked about taking the bus.