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'Reach for Resilience' launches Website

Dec 28, 2020

A program designed to help health care workers under stress due to the COVID 19 pandemic has just launched a new Website.

The program is called “Reach for Resilience.” In October, it established a free and confidential help line.

Dr. John Ulvin is with Sanford Health in Bismarck. He’s a psychologist. Ulvin said many of these health care workers have been working on the pandemic since March.

"We know, through several different studies that have been done with health care workers,that they're often selfless," Ulvin said. "They are the last to reach out for assistance."

Ulvin said also, in North Dakota,  there is a built-in resistance, or a reluctance, to reach out for help. He said that’s why the program is called “Reach for Resilience,” to encourage health care workers to seek help.

"This really is a time when, for themselves and for their families, and for the work that they do, we need folks to be well for the long haul," Ulvin said. "That's why we're hoping we can try to intervene now, when folks might still have some reserves in the tank, so we can help restore them, and allow them to continue their good work."

The phone number is 701-365-4920. The Website is Reach4ResilenceND.com.