Shiloh Hosts Emergency Response Training

Aug 14, 2013

Bismarck’s Shiloh Christian School hosted a major school incident exercise.

The exercise included officials from Bismarck Police, Metro Area Ambulance, St. Alexius Medical Center, Sanford Health, Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health, Bis-Man Transit and Crisis Care Chaplaincy.

Morgan Forness is Superintendent at Shiloh. He said the purpose of the event is to see how Emergency Medical Services respond to a potential major school incident.

The exercise mocked a potential mass causality procedure, Forness said.

“The schools have a responsibility to test their own capacity. As tragic as an event like this would be, we need to know that our faculty, our staff, our administration know how to respond and connect with our law enforcement or others that would be coming on site,” Forness said.

Forness said community leaders asked to use Shiloh’s school grounds as a training site.

“From an administrative point of view I am looking at how we can increase our capacity for response,” Forness said. “Shiloh is a growing school; we have more than 500 students on our campus every day, it’s important that our policies and emergency procedures reflect that capacity.”

Forness believes Shiloh and all community members benefited from this exercise.