Spur Award Winner David Osborne ~ Entrepreneur Gary Tharaldson

Wednesday, June 13 – David Osborne has won the 2018 Spur Award for historical fiction from the Western Writers of America. He’ll be honored later this month (June 20-23) at the WWA’s annual convention in Billings. Osborne’s “The Coming” is a rigorously researched novel that tells the expansive, tragic story of native-white relations in the American West through a fictionalized account of the life of Daytime Smoke, the real-life son of William Clark and a Nez Perce woman. ~~~ Entrepreneur Gary Tharaldson is John Harris’s guest in this excerpt from Friday’s Prairie Pulse television show. Among the topics is a discussion of the new book about Gary’s life, “Open Secrets of Success: The Gary Tharaldson Story,” by Patrick J. McCloskey.