Stenehjem asking for more BCI agents

Aug 20, 2012

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem says he will be asking the next Legislature for more Bureau of Criminal Investigation agents.

"Our BCI agents are over-streched," said Stenehjem. "The population has increased. You know what's happening in western North Dakota. They are working day and night, and I worry about them burning out."

Stenehjem said the agents are dealing with increased gang activity – as well as organized crime moving into North Dakota.

"If you don't nip that in the bud -- if we don't deal with that on the front end -- the expenditures and the resources you will find, and the human misery that we experience, as a reult of failure to do so, will be enormous," said Stenehjem. He said he’s now putting together that budget request to give to Gov. Dalrymple – for inclusion in the 2013 executive budget.