Stenehjem issues 'Cease and Desist' order to phony charity | Prairie Public Broadcasting

Stenehjem issues 'Cease and Desist' order to phony charity

Nov 24, 2017

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has issued a “Cease and Desist: order against a fake charity that claims it’s raising money to send CARE packages to overseas soldiers.

The charity is “Nationwide Soldier Support.” Stenehjem said he received complaints about door-to-door solicitations by the group. He said that group is not registered as a charitable organization or as a professional fundraiser.

Stenehjem said investigators called the organization, and it promised to provide some information on its North Dakota activities. That information never came.

"When we called them, they said there was nothing the North Dakota Attorney General's office could do because they're a charity located in Washington," Stenehjem said.

But Stenehjem said there was something he could do -- he banned the company from soliciting contributions from North Dakotans.

Stenehjem said it is the season for giving – but he urges people to be careful.

"There really area  lot of good charitable causes and public spirited enterprises that need money," Stenehjem said. "So people should be sure their money is going to the purpose it's intended for. That's why we encourage people to give to charities they know and trust."