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Supco to decide if Measure 3 will be on the ballot

Aug 21, 2020

The North Dakota Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether Measure Three should be on the ballot this fall.

The measure is a state Constitutional amendment, put on the ballot by initiative. It is wide-ranging, covering state election laws. It would, in part, create Legislative sub-districts for members of the North Dakota House, allow “approval voting,” do away with party primaries, and would put redistricting in the hands of the new state Ethics Commission.

A group called the “Brighter Future Fund” asked the Court to disallow it being on the November ballot. Attorney David Asp argued people who signed the initiative’s petitions should have been shown the entire text of the measure, including a state statute that would be made part of the state Constitution if the measure passes.

"Without seeing the full text of those provisions in statute through the measure into the Constitution, the people don't know what they're agreeing to put into the Constitution, or what they're voting for," Asp told the Court.

A group called “North Dakota Voters First” submitted the measure. Attorney Tim Purdon represents the group. He told the court the voters should make the decision.

"They're asking you to take a big step here, taking away the vote on Measure Three after 30,000 folks have signed the petition," Purdon argued. "That's a big step. And they offer very thin gruel here."

The Court has taken the case under advisement.