'Three Board Bill' gets a hearing in House Education Tuesday

Feb 4, 2019

The House Education Committee will hold a hearing Tuesday (2/5/19) on the proposal to change the current governance of the North Dakota University System from a single board to three separate boards.

That proposal comes from the Governance Task Force. It would create separate boards for UND and NDSU, and a third board for the other 9 schools.

There has already been talk of going to a two board model instead, or keeping a single board.

Senate Minority Leader Joan Heckaman (D-New Rockford) was a member of that task force. She said she voted for the three-board model to get the issue into the Legislature. Heckaman said she would prefer keeping the one board model, but with some changes.

"We need to have additional members," Heckaman said. "We also feel that, instead of two four-year terms for board members, it could possibly be one six-year term."

Heckaman said she thinks the current Board of Higher Education is working, due to the dedication of the Board members.

"The thing that I took away, when we had a consultant speak to us, is that it doesn't matter what your model is," Heckaman said. "It matters who the people are in that model. That's where I'm coming from."