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Toy Exhibit ~ Intentional Thrifting

Nov 29, 2019

  Friday, November 29, 2019 Godzilla, Wonder Woman, Trolls, Princess Leia, Batman and more. One of the largest private collections of toys is on display now. David Barnhill has tens of thousands of collectibles. Stephen Rueff chairs the arts entrepreneurship at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. They created SuperMonster City: A Celebration of America's Monsters, Superheroes, and Villians, currently on display in Moorhead. Between synthetic fabric and dyes, the fashion industry is a major polluter. Ashley Dedin-Carlson advocates for what she calls "intentional thrifting" instead. That's when you deliberately look for used items that can be used as is, or fixed instead of ending up in a landfill. We share an excerpt of a conversation she had with Randi Kay, host of the Simple Self Care podcast.