Trump visits Fargo in support of Cramer

Jun 28, 2018

President Trump's campaign stop in Fargo last night was in support of Kevin Cramer's bid for the US Senate.

He spoke to a packed house at the Scheels Arena, beginning by congratulating the NDSU Bison football team on their latest championship win.

"I shouldn't tell you this, but, when I was coming out they were talking about BISON. I said, 'I thought it was an 's,' they said, 'it is, but it's pronounced BISON,' so, we didn't wanna get that wrong, right?"

Trump says Justice Anthony Kennedy's departure from the US Supreme Court makes Senate control a "vital issue of our time," which makes Kevin Cramer's election that much more important. He says with Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp promised to be an "independent voter" in Washington, but voted against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and against his plan for cutting taxes.

"Heidi voted no on legislation to stop late term abortions. Heidi voted in favor of the deadly, very very dangerous, horrible sanctuary cities. You need a Senator who doesn't just talk like they're from North Dakota, but votes like they're from North Dakota. That's what you need. And that is Kevin Cramer."

Trump also discussed many of his administration's policies, from job creation, to his tariffs and trade issues, to immigration, to rebuilding the military, and even plans for a new branch of the military - the space force.

"Space is the new frontier, and I'm not just talking about going to the moon and going to Mars. You know, we've got these rich guys, they love these rockets. I said, 'lease 'em the land, charge 'em a lot,' they just wanna send rockets. But I look at it with Bezos, with Elon Musk. They all love rockets. I said, 'that's okay, let's do it. Let 'em send the rocket up to Mars, let's be the first, I hope they go fast, let's help 'em, let's make it really good for 'em,' and if they do it we're gonna claim it on behalf of the United States, okay? We'll give them no credit."

Cramer thanked Trump for his visit to North Dakota, and for "not forgetting the people who live in fly over country."