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USDA looking for veterinarians

Apr 22, 2018

The “Help Wanted” sign is out for veterinarians.

The US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service is holding a one-day recruitment event in St. Paul, Minnesota Tuesday (4-24) through Thursday (4-26).

"We home to come in Tuesday and have people with tentative ofer letters in hand by the end of the week," said Acting Deputy Undersecretary for Food Safety Carmen Rottenberg. She said the Service’s role is to insure the safety of the commercial supply of meat, poultry and processed eggs.

"The veterinarians enforce all of the federal meat and poultry inspections," Rottenberg said. "They do that prior to slaughter, as well as all throughout the establishment. including humane handling and inspections of the products. It's a whole array of food safety tasks, with the goal of keeping the public safe."

"They really do play a critical role in that," Rottenberg said.

The recruitment event is scheduled to be held at the Warren Burger Federal Building in St. Paul. Rottenberg said she’s hoping to see some interest from veterinarians in both Dakotas, as well as Minnesota.