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Sitting Bull to Phil Jackson, cattle to prairie dogs, knoefla to lefse. Dakota Datebook radio features air weekdays at 6:42 am, 8:42 am, 3:50 pm*, 5:44 pm, and 7:50 pm* CT on Prairie Public. Find the 2003-2017 archives here.

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Devils Lake Fire

Jan 8, 2018


On this date in 1909, the Devils Lake Inter-Ocean reported on a devastating fire. It started in the kitchen of the Routier Restaurant early in the morning.

Thorstein Thoresen

Jan 5, 2018


On January 6, 1919, Thorstein Thoresen took over the Dunn County states attorney post. A man of high principles and morality, Thoresen was a statesman and politician.

If you’ve travelled around the Midwest, you may have seen signs for Butler Machinery. While you may have known it specializes in heavy equipment, you may not have known that this expanding company has its roots right here in North Dakota.

Fargo’s namesake had a hand in the community’s early journalism. Banker William G. Fargo offered five hundred dollars to establish a newspaper in Fargo to be named the Fargo Express.