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Main Street Eats with Root Seller Sue

  • Hosted by Doug Hamilton, Ashley Thornberg, Sue Balcom

Sue Balcom, owner of the Root Sellers Farm, is a blogger, author of four books, farmer’s marketer, fabric artist, self-described bread head. And now, Sue is a regular guest on Main Street to talk with Doug and Ashley about community, family, and culinary traditions of North Dakota. For cool! Listen weekly on Main Street, or subscribe to the Main Street Eats with Root Seller Sue podcast on your favorite podcast app.

Ways to Connect

Being a farmer is a lot of work. Sue Balcom of The Root Sellers Farm outside Mandan has a few ideas about how to be your best self when you're buying directly from the grower. 

Sue Balcom of The Root Sellers Farm outside Mandan shares how chokecherries got their name, and how we can use them. (spoiler alert: you might need a lot of sugar)

Home Canning

Aug 29, 2019

Sue shares some canning memories and helpful tips.

Not to be confused with grape tomatoes!


Aug 16, 2019

Sharing a fondness for the gooseberry.


Aug 8, 2019

Watermelon pickles anyone?

July Gardening Tips

Jul 25, 2019

In this episode, rootseller Sue Balcom shares some July gardening tips.

Sue Balcom of the The Root Sellers aims to become the Johnny Appleseed of dill. 

Garlic Scapes

Jul 11, 2019

Sue shares some thoughts on growing and using garlic scapes

Sue's "Rootsellers Farm" is near Mandan.