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Main Street Eats with Root Seller Sue

  • Hosted by Doug Hamilton, Ashley Thornberg, Sue Balcom

Sue Balcom, owner of the Root Sellers Farm, is a blogger, author of four books, farmer’s marketer, fabric artist, self-described bread head. And now, Sue is a regular guest on Main Street to talk with Doug and Ashley about community, family, and culinary traditions of North Dakota. For cool! Listen weekly on Main Street, or subscribe to the Main Street Eats with Root Seller Sue podcast on your favorite podcast app.

Ways to Connect

Soups on with Sue Balcom from The Root Sellers Farm.

Some food tastes better after frost. Sue Balcom has details. 

2020 is already a year for wearing masks. Sue Balcom has more ideas for your Halloween. 

Better make an appointment with the dentist! Sue Balcom is making popcorn balls. 

Cold weather means comfort food. What's more comforting than pasta?

Got garden-fresh tomatoes and basil? Let's make a pizza with Sue Balcom. 

Sue on the changing of the seasons.

Sue Balcom joins us for another episode of Main Street Eats. Today’s topic is winter squash.

The apple trees are heavy with fruit. From cider to cider vinegar, Sue Balcom gushes about apples. 

September Gardening

Sep 11, 2020

Sue discusses the tasks to undertake as we prepare to put our gardens to bed for the winter.