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Television producer Matt Olien doubles as Prairie Public's resident movie critic, and uses his background in film studies and extensive knowledge of movie history to review a current film. Stay tuned until the end, where he's quizzed with obscure Oscar trivia.

"Uncut Gems"

Feb 21, 2020

Not Matt's cup of tea

"Birds of Prey"

Feb 20, 2020

Matt also comments on the recent Academy Awards.

Matt takes a critical view of the new film about Harriet Tubman, and he gives some thought to the likely winners at the Academy Awards.

"A Hidden Life"

Jan 24, 2020

Based on real events, A HIDDEN LIFE is the story of an unsung hero, Franz Jägerstätter, who refused to fight for the Nazis in World War II.

Matt reviews the WWI film 1917, and Bombshell, the account of several women at Fox News who set out to expose CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. He also comments on the Oscar nominations.

Matt reviews two Netflix films that are garnering honors.

Matt Olien reviews two sharply different films, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” and “Little Women.” 

A new movie review from Matt Olien, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”

"Pain and Glory"

Dec 20, 2019

A film director reflects on the choices he's made in life.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 – The 2019 additions to the National Film Registry include “Purple Rain,” “Clerks,” “She’s Gotta Have It,” “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” “Amadeus,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Boys Don’t Cry,” “The Last Waltz,” and many more – a total of 25 famous films added to the registry, which guarantees the film will be preserved under the terms of the National Film Preservation Act. The criteria for selection are that the movies are “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant. Here to discuss this year’s additions are Prairie Public’s Matt Olien and film professor Greg Carlson of Concordia College.